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Surgical Instrument Centralization Expert


Centralizing SPD services helps avoid inefficiencies and provides economies of scale that can produce significant cost savings and better care."

- Bryan stuart
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Straight from the Surgical instrument centralization expert

FC March 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

"With many large academic facilities and health systems taking the plunge at surgical instrument centralization, the industry is clamoring..."

FC June 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

"Facilities across the nation can struggle with the demand for surgical instruments and may be reprocessing at a deficit. This can lead to an accepted practice of..."

FC September 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

"Accurately calculating instrument utilization, processing times, and inventory levels can help manage..."

FC April 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

"As health systems face growing surgical case volume and space limitations, the ability to manage and sterilize surgical instruments..."

FC July 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

"Centralization requires a team with the right combination of expertise and experience to advance the process with speed, accuracy, and efficiency."

FC October 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

"Many hospitals struggle with space and storage. Surgical instrument centralization can combat these challenges by..."

FC May 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

As health systems strive to improve quality and value for their communities, they may face the dueling conflict of meeting individual surgeon needs while supporting..."

FC August 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

"When viewed holistically, centralization cost is an investment that supports the long-term goals of any organization."

FC November 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

"This specific area can be coined "one of the most misunderstood aspects of any centralization initiative"..."

FC December 2023 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

'By establishing new policies and procedures for centralization, you can help ensure that your organization is prepared for a successful future."

FC January 2024 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.png

"Technology constantly improves to help us do things more accurately or efficiently. In healthcare, it has changed how we practice and deliver care..."

FC February 2024 - Bryan Stuart Expert Series™.jpg

"Relying on anecdotal assessments to make decisions or assess performance is not enough to gain useful insight into how the surgical services department is performing."

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