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Expert Series


Bryan Stuart

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Surgical Instrument Centralization Expert

Bryan Stuart, CCSVP, has over 30 years of experience in the medical field and 13 years of operational experience in an FDA-regulated environment as a third party processor of surgical linens and instrumentation. From this, Bryan has developed keen insights into commercially managed reprocessing facilities. Bryan has also provided third party management of SPDs. He has extensive experience in hospital supply chain management and delivery of durable goods, custom procedure trays (CPT) and surgical supply single-pull products ranging from bulk, Just In Time (JIT), and off-site prepared Case Carts. For the last 8 years, Bryan has provided consulting services to hospitals to improve processes and instrument tray streamlining. His solutions are driven by hands-on set reviews and data-driven solutions bringing the clinical and processing teams together for a mutually beneficial rationalization of instrument trays and process improvements.

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Ashley Jackson

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Asset Recovery Expert

Ashley is passionate about implementing technology-driven solutions to optimize operations in the hospital. She strives to find new and innovative ways to enhance patient care by focusing on delivering key outcomes, building amazing collaborative teams, and quickly adapting to feedback from stakeholders. Over the years, Ashley’s ability to develop, scale, and optimize solutions has garnered recognition and made tangible differences. Ashley is a supporting author for the book Leveraging Technology as a Response to the COVID Pandemic, which is available now on Amazon. Additionally, Ashley was awarded The Robbins Family Award for Excellence in Collaboration for her work in the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Now, she is taking the lessons learned from the hospital setting to her new role at Mazree by helping create software which will greatly improve the hospital’s ability to effectively manage the full lifecycle of their medical equipment.

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Karen Goelst

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

OR Sustainability Expert

With a 20-year background in architectural specialties and textiles, Karen Goelst became passionate about solving the issues surrounding privacy curtains following her 15-year-old son’s hospital stay with MRSA. Staying at his bedside she noticed everybody touched the fabric privacy curtain, but the label showed that it hadn’t been exchanged for 14 months. Thankfully her son recovered, but this realization started her journey in trying to understand why curtains weren’t getting exchanged, when other touchpoints in the room were thoroughly disinfected. Karen founded KleenEdge to ensure this infection risk did not impact other families.

Launched in 2018, the company received early accolades for its innovative Protocol Compliance Software, receiving AHE’s Product Innovation Award, as well as getting patents for the QuickLoad and TeleTrack “no ladder” curtain exchange cubicle track solutions. KleenEdge’s solutions have helped many healthcare facilities dramatically reduce operational costs, while having peace of mind knowing that their curtain exchanges are compliant and deliver the highest standard of care for their patient’s safety.

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