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OR Sustainability Expert


Disposable curtains, made of the same poly material such as medical gowns, face masks, and CSR wraps can be disposed of in a responsible way."

- Karen Goelst

Straight from the OR Sustainability expert

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"The fact that the number of curtains found to have MRSA increased over time underscores the need..."

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"To provide a safe environment for surgical patients that are at an increased risk of infection..."

KleenEdge Expert Series™ January 2023.png

"Soft surfaces are often more difficult to clean than hard surfaces and have been shown to be involved in..."

FC Expert Series Karen Goelst  March 2023.png

"During this period of unprecedented curtain exchanges, many hospitals realized that launderable curtains were a BIG problem for the Environmental Services department..."

FC Expert Series Karen Goelst April 2023.png

"Sinks, computer keyboards, restroom fixtures--all provide happy hunting and breeding grounds for microbes, but so do privacy curtains in the Pre-Op and Post-Op areas..."

KleenEdge Expert Series™ February 2023.png

"The tide is turning toward disposable curtains that are made with recyclable polypropylene (poly)..."

FC Expert Series Karen Goelst May 2023.png

Myth: Privacy curtains can be cleaned with UV-C.


Fact: UV-C light stations can only decontaminate curtains when...

FC Expert Series Karen Goelst June 2023.png

Have you ever wondered what happens to items like used facemasks, gowns, or even those “recyclable” privacy curtains?

CFC Expert Series Karen Goelst July 2023.png

Every patient deserves and expects a safe, clean, and disinfected room in which to recover. The use of antimicrobial curtains provided a false sense of security for the EVS leaders ...

FC Expert Series Karen Goelst August 2023.png

"Surprisingly, unlike other countries in the world, US healthcare architects and designers continue to design patient rooms at our medical facilities..."

FC Expert Series Karen Goelst September 2023.png

"Many switched to cost-saving disposable solutions only to later realize that the “perceived” inexpensive curtain they signed up for in fact was quite costly...

FC Expert Series Karen Goelst October 2023.png

"Following the Covid-19 pandemic, patients and their families have become critically aware of the importance of disinfection ...

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