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What Perioperative Nursing Means to Me

Being a Perioperative Nurse is unlike any other nursing specialty.

It’s a specialty where you’re able to thrive in a high-tech environment using all the latest cutting-edge technologies and performing procedures to help patients have a quicker recovery time.

It’s a specialty that’s all about the variety! One day you’re working in Neuro, the next day Ortho and your third shift could be in Vascular. You could be the circulator in the morning during a scheduled case, and then you could be scrubbing that late afternoon emergency add-on.

Perioperative Nursing is a specialty that gets to wear cute scrub hats, too! Let’s be honest, not many other nursing specialties can claim that. ;)

But, it's also a specialty where you don’t get to form that relationship with your patient or their families like our counterparts working on the floor.

You have to be on call all hours of the day and all days of the year. But you do it because we all stay ready to care for someone who needs us during what may be the most frightening moment of their lives.

OR Nursing allows you to bring a sense of comfort, organization, and stability to the sometimes uncertain world of surgery.

And, most importantly, Perioperative Nursing allows you to sleep well at night knowing you’ve helped a patient receive the best surgical care possible and given them a positive surgical experience.

These are a few of the reasons that I love being a Perioperative Nurse. I know we make a difference in the lives of our patients every single day.

Happy Perioperative Nurses Week!


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