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Surgery Starts Here

Don't worry, a scalpel's not about to jump out of the screen... But, it's an interesting statement. Think about it. Where does surgery start? In the operating room? When a patient discusses an operation with their surgeon? Or, perhaps, when surgical teams begin setting up and preparing for cases?

Personally, I think the answer to all of those questions is, "Yes!" The physical act of surgery begins when the cut is made, the start time is called, and the surgical team embarks on their mission to repair, replace, or augment. But, planning for surgery starts much sooner than that, and we can't have a successful operation if we're not fully prepared. When the patient and surgeon decide together that an operation is needed, the planning and preparation process begins, which then brings us to the moment when the patient is lying there, asleep on the table, completely trusting in the care and expertise that the surgical team will provide.

But let's take it one step further. Let's go past the planning and preparation phase and look at what prepares all of us, as the surgical team, to be able to provide that expert patient care. What is it?

Simply put, it's our education and training.

The surgical team is made up of many different people, with various degrees, certifications, and levels of training. And while all of them are different, every one of them is required in order to have a successful surgical outcome. We are all trained differently, to be the experts that can fill our particular role within the OR. And we all need to be educated and trained in order to become those experts.

So when we say "Surgery Starts Here" what we're saying is that, before an item is ever opened, before a patient is ever rolled back, before a time out is ever called, and before a scalpel is ever passed, education is the starting point and the constant driver of expertise in surgical care.

At First Case, we're bringing you that education through virtual conferences, conversations with experts in the industry on our podcast, and through educational videos on our YouTube channel. There are multiple ways to follow us, to connect, and to learn!

So stick around, learn all you can, and hang on, because there's more to come! And remember, #SurgeryStartsHere.

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