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Happy Surgical Technologist Week!

This week we are celebrating all of the surgical techs across the globe who scrub in, case after case, tirelessly contributing to safe patient outcomes every day.


In my own career, I would not have learned everything that I did if it hadn't been for the scrub techs who took the time to (patiently) teach me. I vividly remember a time early in my orientation when a scrub tech named Alisia pulled me aside and, very kindly, pointed out some things I had forgotten. She also gave me some pointers - the kind that started out with, "Don't ever forget to..." I'm sure that we've all given or been given advice like that during our time in the operating room!

I wouldn't have learned to scrub if it hadn't been for a handful of scrub techs who took the time to teach me. Time they didn't have to take, but they did, and I'm forever grateful. And, I can't EVEN count how many times the expertise of the scrub tech saved the set-up, saved the case, and saved my ass. So from the very bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Thank you for all of your hard work. I know that it often goes unnoticed, but not by those of us working alongside you each and every day.

In honor of this week, I took the theme "Behind the Mayo" and wrote a poem recognizing your skill and your dedication. I hope that you like it, and I hope you all feel the love this week as you are so rightly celebrated.

Happy Scrub Tech Week!

Until next time,


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