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The Power of Pockets: Revolutionizing Surgical Gown Design

Vendor Spotlight™ Featuring Dr. Joseph Dearani, MD

The Power of Pockets: Revolutionizing Surgical Gown Design

Do you ever wish there was an extra set of hands available to help hold forceps or a pair of scissors during a case? What if you could add this convenience and efficiency by using instrument pockets? In this exciting First Case Vendor Spotlight™, we learn all about the innovative development of the SmartGown™ EDGE Breathable Gown with ASSIST™ Instrument Pockets with surgeon and co-inventor, Dr. Joseph Dearani, MD. In this engaging interview, Dr. Dearani discusses his journey from working as a mechanic to becoming a cardiac surgeon, and he shares with us how his training as a mechanic helped inspire his idea for a new surgical gown design. Discover how the simple addition of pockets can improve self-sufficiency and efficiency within the surgical field. Find out what the design team did to overcome the challenges of maintaining sterility with the gown’s design and learn how this gown can be used for multiple surgical specialties and patient positions.

Designed using the technology of Cardinal Health’s top-selling AAMI Level 4 surgical gown, the SmartGown™ EDGE features two instrument pockets and one holster, enabling convenient instrument access to help support safe and efficient procedures. The innovative instrument pockets enable users to keep frequently used instruments within reach, and they provide a much-needed extra set of hands to understaffed ORs.

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The Power of Pockets: Revolutionizing Surgical Gown Design
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