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At our core, we believe that education and professional development should be fully accessible by anyone who needs it. Our educational conferences offer a high-energy, educational platform that encourages critical thinking in the perioperative space. Our goal is to engage with healthcare leaders, manufacturers, and frontline staff in a way that facilitates true interdisciplinary collaboration. Our speakers bring passion, energy, and expertise while the First Case team brings an innovative and, dare we say, disruptive, approach to facilitating the types of discussions that will directly impact patient care.


There is no silver bullet when it comes to patient care – no “one thing” that will fix medical errors and surgical site infections. We understand that safe surgical outcomes require precision, attention to detail, skillful craft, and a whole lot of heart from all who interact directly or indirectly with the patient experience. Our conference series brings to life the real challenges that healthcare professionals face and provides ideas for meeting those challenges with tenacity. Are our ideas audacious at times? Absolutely. But, we think these kinds of ideas are what will bring true progress. Our loved ones deserve it. 

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