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Data-Driven Surgery: Empowering Confidence and Percision

Vendor Spotlight™ featuring Leap Rail™

Data-Driven Surgery: Empowering Confidence and Percision

Is the data collected in your Surgical Services department useful? Can you depend on that data to make informed decisions about staffing, case volumes, and block time utilization? In today’s First Case Vendor Spotlight™, we’re going to discover data we can trust as we dive into the innovative world of Leap Rail™, a platform revolutionizing perioperative services with artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and workflow automation. Join CEO Shayan Zadeh as he highlights the innovative ways this technology bridges the gap between our dynamic surgical environments and static data collection tools. Plus, tune in to hear the real-world experiences from end users Sam Shahin, Perioperative Services Manager at Northbay Medical Center in Fairfield, CA, and Carie Helt, Surgical Services Business Manager at Baptist Health Care in Pensacola, FL.

Leap Rail was born out of the MIT Grand Healthcare Challenge to utilize the latest advancements in computing, AI, and machine learning to deliver “smarter” tools to Operating Rooms. Leap Rail is designed to elevate the entire perioperative platform by using this technology to lead the way for more efficient, effective operating room management. With a menu-based approach, intuitive user experience, and collaborative mindset, Leap Rail is an innovation in healthcare technology that empowers providers to navigate the complexities of modern surgical care with precision, confidence, and ease.

To learn more and to request a demo, visit their website (, and follow them on LinkedIn.

Data-Driven Surgery: Empowering Confidence and Percision
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