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Clinical Aromatherapy: Exploring the Power of Essential Oils

Vendor Spotlight™ Featuring Melissa Vibberts & Laurel Flanagan

Clinical Aromatherapy: Exploring the Power of Essential Oils

With opioid abuse on the rise, many surgical patients and healthcare providers are seeking non-pharmacological approaches to manage pain, anxiousness, and postoperative nausea and vomiting. What alternatives are available in the healthcare setting? In this refreshing Vendor Spotlight™, join us as we discover the world of clinical aromatherapy with Melissa Vibberts, Director of Brand Management, and Laurel Flanagan, Clinical Product Specialist & Certified Aromatherapist with Elequil Aromatabs® aromatherapy by Beekley Medical®. We’ll discuss the physiological response our bodies have to aromatherapy and learn how Elequil’s clinical aromas provide a holistic solution as a nursing intervention that is tailored to ease anxiousness and queasiness in clinical settings.

Originally designed for patients getting an MRI, Elequil Aromatabs have organically expanded across hospitals, and have been used in over 2700 facilities nationwide. Additionally, independent clinical studies have underscored their effectiveness, validating the benefit of aromatherapy in medical settings. Made with 100% pure essential oils, Elequil Aromatabs offer targeted relief, enhancing patient comfort without disrupting the clinical environment.

For more information and to request free samples, visit or email them at You can also follow them on LinkedIn!

Clinical Aromatherapy: Exploring the Power of Essential Oils
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