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Hot Off the Presses!

This post contains affiliate links. You certainly don't have to purchase through our links, but if you do, your purchase helps support the show!

I am THRILLED to share an exciting announcement with you today! We just released our very first book!

Operating Room Word Puzzles, Volume 1: Education & Growth is a first-of-its-kind, educational book that "provides a fun, relaxing way to listen to 13 relevant podcasts while enjoying 26 different puzzles related to the topics of education and growth within Perioperative Services."

But, you want to know the best part?? This book is approved for 6.5 Nursing CEs!

This book is an excellent resource for nurse leaders, OR educators, and anyone in perioperative services who's looking for an engaging way to learn about the important topics affecting our Operating Rooms today. Also... Perioperative Nurse's Week is coming up in November... sounds like a great gift idea!

Here's How It Works...

Each of the 13 podcasts are introduced and a QR code is provided for you to quickly access the episodes. While you're listening, tune in to the key words and important topics. You'll find 2 puzzles per podcast. One is a word search. The other is a double puzzle - meaning, you have two things to do! First, unscramble the letters in the puzzle. Then, take specified numbered letters from the unscrambled words to decode a phrase.

When you've completed the puzzles and listened to the podcasts, use the QR code at the beginning of the book to access your completion survey and CE certificate!

This is a fun, engaging way to remember important concepts about the Operating Room. Check it out today!

One More Thing...

We would be remiss if we didn't mention our editor, Janet Bristeir. She did an AMAZING job putting this book together and creating the word puzzles. Thank you, Janet!

Happy learning, everyone!


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