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AORN Expo 2023

We had an incredible time in San Antonio for the AORN Global Surgical Conference and Expo! It was so refreshing to connect in-person with our fans, our vendor partners, and our podcast guests. The educational sessions were relevant to our practice, the Expo Hall was packed with exciting new developments for surgical services, and the energy coming from everyone was palpable.

As I walked through the Expo Hall, I stopped at every booth where I saw one of our vendor partners. From our Vendor Spotlights to the Expert Series to our Vendor Focuses, so many of the vendors in the Expo Hall have worked with us to spread the message about their solution to the challenges we face in the Operating Room. And it was so fun to connect face-to-face! That in-person, human connection just hits differently than virtual, doesn’t it??

Here's a short recap video of our time at the AORN Expo, including our time with the goats in goat yoga!

Lindsey also took advantage of focus groups and was able to provide input that will go toward the development of new products and technologies for the OR. She was able to take in all of the excitement of the Expo as a first-time attendee! You can read more about her AORN experiences by following her on LinkedIn!

The AORN Expo was packed with learning, networking, and discovery. It was 4 days of investing in ourselves so that we can go back to our operating rooms and invest in others, whether it be our coworkers or our patients.

We’ll be in Nashville in 2024! Will you? We’d love to meet you!

Until next time,


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